Other uses and related systems

Other uses

Some, or all of the basic principles of the Zettelkasten system can be applied to different uses.

IDs and linking

Assigning unique IDs to other types of files to promote easier linking. Instead of copying the filepath to a file (which can be broken if you move the file), assign a unique ID and link to or mention it in the note. Search for the ID in your file explorer, and find your desired file. 1

Permanent notes

A good principle in general, when writing notes for yourself. Incorporate future-proof elements that allow you to understand the note in the future, long after you have written the note.

Use cases

  • Keep a journal/daily note dump, which you can reference to as needed
  • Gather and organize information related to projects or hobbies

Tiago Forte’s PARA system describes an alternative method to organize your notes. It is much more categorical in nature, with an emphasis on organizing around projects.


Digital gardens - a collection of curated notes made available to the public. A cross between a personal blog and a Zettelkasten-like note system.

File names can change, unique IDs don’t: https://zettelkasten.de/posts/add-identity/