How to edit this site

Edit existing pages

  1. Create a GitHub account if you do not already have one. You will need this in order to edit this Zettelkasten.
    • Your GitHub will also allow us to give you the necessary rights in the future.
  2. In order to edit a zettel, click the edit icon (paper and pencil) at the bottom of a zettel.
    1. It will you take to GitHub wherein you can make the edits, and create what is known as a “PR” (pull request).
    2. See complete walkthrough of this process here.
  3. When a PR is created /u/srid- or /u/EyebrowHairs will “accept” it
  4. Once accepted, the site is updated within a minute.

If you are a frequent editor, we can even give you access, so that step 3 & 4 are obviated.

Create new pages

  1. Go to the repository:
  2. Click the “Create new file” button
  3. Copy the paste the following template

Tip: It helps to have the list of all the file names handy in case you want to link to any of them.

Template for new Zettel

Note: the metadata – which may includes date and tags – is totally optional.

# Our first zettel

Hello world!

Use the usual wiki-link syntax to link to a zettel:

[[file-name]] -> This links to

For example: using [[examples]] will link to the Examples of Zettelkasten/ Wikis/ Digital Gardens note.

See Neuron documentation on how to link between zettels.

Markdown guidelines

  • Markdown is a way to format text that is easier to read and write (compared to HTML).
  • Notes in this Zettelkasten should be formatted in Markdown.
  • Link to a basic Markdown primer
  • Notes (specific to Neuron)
    • The title of the Zettel will be a first level heading.
    • URLs must be enclosed in angle brackets to be formatted as a link [[[url-example]]]
    • To add headings to your zettel start from level 2 (## Heading) headers, as level 1 heading is used for the Zettel title.
  • Full list of features supported by Neuron, see here